Broken Eggshells

February 26, 2014

Dear Linwood Family and Friends,

I was not upset … but I was aggravated.

We were staying at the Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando.  Nice resort.  Pools, ponds, rooms with kitchens, all the amenities – and close to Disney World.  Part of the way into our stay the dishwasher didn’t clean the dishes.  Further examination revealed that water had not drained from the bottom of it.  I am retired and I am on vacation (by the way can retired folks really ever be on vacation?).  These things are not supposed to happen – especially at a nice place like Vistana Villages.  At least I did not have to personally fix the thing.  Good thing, because plumbing is not one of my handyman specialties.

We called guest services.

Before long Luis showed up.  We gave him detailed information.  We told him after the dishwasher stopped working the disposal also stopped working.  I was wondering if we should pack up our things and prepare to move to another unit!

Luis got out some tools, took apart a pipe under the sink, took a look and said, “You aren’t supposed to put eggs down the disposal…or pineapple rinds…and he held up a pipe totally stuffed with yucky stuff!  It became painfully obvious that the defective dishwasher and the defective disposal were my fault!  Yes, I was the one who put the eggshells and the pineapple peelings down the disposal.  I mumbled something about being sorry and offered some lame excuse about not having a disposal at our house (we don’t because we have a septic system), although we had had a disposal for about 30 years prior to moving to Whispering Woods.

Luis could have grumbled about the work we had caused him, or blamed us for messing up perfectly good appliances, or just let us wallow in our guilt.  Instead he said, “That’s o.k.  That is why I am here – to take care of these things.  You are here to enjoy yourselves.  How has your vacation been?  Is there anything else I can take care of for you?”

An aggravation – which was totally of my creation – became a moment of grace – because of Luis.

I have no idea about Luis’ faith.  I guess I could have asked, but I didn’t.  But I do know in that moment in a small way he embodied the One who came to this earth to free and empower us with His grace, not to condemn us.

It was just a few minutes and just a small thing.  But then, sometimes those small things wind up making a big difference.

Have you met a Luis lately?  Have you perhaps been a Luis lately?

The next Linwood season is even closer this week than it was last week!

Blessings in Christ,
Hu Auburn, Linwood Park Pastor

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One Response to Broken Eggshells

  1. Andy Breece says:

    Wow! I had an instant reaction to your, “I am retired and I am on vacation (by the way can retired folks really ever be on vacation?).” My terse answer is “No.”

    When working, your routine, your 9-to-5 time, sometimes more, belongs to someone else … you get what is left over, albeit by your choice; a vacation is a break from that routine.

    After you retire from the 9-to-5 every minute belongs to you, personally, 24/7, to do with as you see fit—every minute is your sole responsibility—a new “routine” from which there is no break—no vacation, and every minute counts, personally.

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