’til we meet again …

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Friends,

“God be with you ‘til we meet again.”

Sunday night a week ago the community of Linwood Park once again formed a circle around the outside aisles of the Tabernacle, joined hands, sang these words, and brought to a close the 2013 summer season – the 130th season in the history of Linwood Park.  It is hard to believe that another season has ended.  It is said that the older you get the faster time goes by.  I did not understand that when I was younger.  Now I am a believer!

On Tuesday, Jan and I then went down to South Carolina visiting our daughter and her husband and their four sons.  I took with me a number of precious memories from the 2013 season.  Among them –

  •  Peter and Puah – Our theme for the summer was “Footprints of the Faithful.”  In Sunday morning worship we profiled various Biblical characters – including the famous (the Apostle Peter) and the practically unknown (Puah, one of the Hebrew midwives who disobeyed Pharaoh and allowed the baby Moses to live)
  •   Legends of Linwood – We also profiled “The Faithful of Linwood,” those who invested their lives in this place making it all that it is today.  You can access online the booklet that was compiled about the Linwood Faithful by using this link, www.linwoodcouncil.org/footprints/
  •  Harps and Harmonicas – We were wonderfully blessed with musical gifts this summer and I loved the variety of instruments (from the harp to the harmonica) and voices (gorgeous solos to the Linwood Tabernacle Choir.)  I trust that all were sweet sounds to the Lord as well as to us.
  •  Sprinkled and Dunked – No, I am not talking about donuts!  Rather, I am remembering the baptisms we shared in together, the baptism of two precious children (sprinkled), and a thrilling believer’s baptism in Lake Erie (dunked).  What wonderful experiences of God’s grace!
  •  Out of Many – One – For me, and I suspect for many of you, the worship highpoint of the summer was when we gathered for the Lord’s Supper this past Sunday morning.  While the Christian community at Linwood is increasingly diverse in terms of backgrounds, denominations, and theological viewpoints, it is clear that Jesus is the One we hold in common.  We are One in Him.
  •  Here and There – I am very grateful that we at Linwood have now embraced the “Living Waters for the World” project.  It is a healthy thing for all of us to be committed together in providing for others something that we have been given in such an abundance (fresh water).  This can’t help but bless others while strengthening us as a community as well.

It has been a good summer – once again.  And now we say “good-bye.”  But that is o.k. because “Good-bye” means more than “We are leaving each other,” or “See you later.”  It really means “God be with you.”  Our bond in the Lord and through Linwood is strong, and our parting is only for a time.  We will be back together again.  This parting is only “’til we met again.”  Now, let’s pray that the off-season goes by as quickly as the season did.

Yours in Christ,

Hu Auburn, Linwood Park Pastor

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