The Quiet Faithful

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Linwood Friends,

Let’s start with a little Bible trivia.

Who are Shiprah and Puah?

We just passed the halfway point in the 2013 Linwood season.  I am always astonished how quickly each summer passes.  Fourteen weeks (from Memorial Day to Labor Day) seems like it would be a long time.  Then, seemingly all of a sudden, it is going, going, gone.  It has been observed that the older you are the faster time passes.  I used to question that – but now I am a believer.  That, however, is the subject of another Wednesday e-mail someday.

I trust that you have been enjoying the theme for this season, “Footprints of the Faithful.”  I have been fascinated both by the Biblical characters we have encountered in the sermons and by the Linwood faithful that we have profiled each week.

This Sunday we are having one of my favorite preachers back with us, Jessie MacMillan.  I find it interesting that last Sunday I spoke about the best known woman in the Bible, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and this Sunday Jessie is going to be speaking about two of the least known women in the Bible, Shiprah and Puah.  In case you are not familiar with this dynamic duo, check out Exodus 1:8-2:10.

We all like to have heroes.  We like to have towering figures in our history as a nation, in our faith story, or in our families.  Yet, there are also many little known or unknown people whose lives have made a dramatic impact upon the world around them.  Just think of what would have happened if S & P had made different choices.

As people have researched our history for the stories of the Linwood faithful, they have been struck by the number of people in our history who were obviously key figures in the founding and development of Linwood as a Christ-honoring, family-focused, community-building place of renewal and encouragement, and yet very little is known about them – other than they were important in Linwood being the place that it is today.

It is not just the famous who change the world!  I have to wonder if the Biblical notion of deeds done in public have their reward (public recognition or adoration), and those done in quietly or in secret have an even greater reward, applies here as well.  Praise God for the quiet faithful, whose lives are probably not going to be profiled by future generations, but whose faithfulness makes a real difference each day and leaves the world a far better place.

Yours in Christ,
Hu Auburn
Linwood Park Pastor

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