Stewardship in the Fast Lane

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Friends at Linwood – and Beyond!

I woke up early yesterday.  Hey, I am retired – so when I go to sleep and when I wake up should be no big deal.  Regardless I was up.  I had been trying to set up a breakfast meeting with three other individuals in a couple of weeks.  I decided to e-mail them a suggestion concerning time and place.  I sent the e-mail out at a ridiculously early time (6:28 a.m. to be exact), expecting to hear back some time later that day.

Within 4 minutes – 4 MINUTES! – I heard from all three.

I had two thoughts – almost simultaneously

“This is wonderful!” and “This is crazy!”

It is wonderful that we can communicate with one another with such speed and ease.  It is wonderful that we have so much knowledge and good information available to us with a few keystrokes.  It is wonderful that peoples’ thoughts and ideas have a means of expression.

It is crazy that a means of communication can become so consuming.  It is crazy that we have come to expect instant responses and decisions.  It is crazy knowing that never in history have we had so much bad stuff so readily available to us.

Long ago Jesus told His disciples, “Go, make disciples of all nations.”  So the early Christians walked, or rode horses or camels, or perhaps took a ship, looking for people who had not heard of Jesus.  Later on missionaries traveled by boat or plane or by four wheel drive looking for “unreached people groups.”   Those who gave their lives as missionaries have left a great legacy.  However, today, for the first time, Jesus’ command to share the Good News with all people is a real possibility.  Why?  Because of the internet.  Today it is possible within our lifetimes for every person on earth to hear the story and the truth of Jesus.

This, of course, is not good news for Satan.  It is not surprising then, that a powerful tool for good also becomes a powerful instrument of hurt and destruction.

When I ponder our call as Christians concerning the Internet, the best word I can think of is “stewardship.”  Our call is to use well – to use carefully – to use to build up not to tear down – to use to honor Christ not to degrade or ignore Him.

May the Lord richly bless your real and your virtual lives.

In Christ,
Hu Auburn
Linwood Park Pastor

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