Terms of Use

Terms of Use/Service Summary for “This Website”

At This Website we recognize that knowing your legal rights and responsibilities is important, including when you use our services and products. We spell out those rights and responsibilities in our Terms of Service. You should read the Terms. Really. We also know that legal documents can be tedious and boring, and that you might not always do what you “should.” So, we’ve tried to give you the basics here.

Remember, you are agreeing to the Terms when you sign up or use This Website Service.  This summary is not a substitute for reading the actual Terms themselves. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, even when the legalese is not understandable; which is why we have this plain language summary.


This notice offers highlights of the full This Website Terms of Service, which describe in detail the terms that apply for the use of This Website’s products, services and websites (collectively, This Website’s “services”) worldwide, where ever you are located.

Your relationship with This Website

  • Whenever you use our services it’s under the terms of a legal contract with This Website.
  • This contract is made up of the Terms of Use and the Legal Notices for the services you’re using.
  • We will make any additional Legal Notices available to you when you sign up for the service concerned so you’ll know they apply.  BTW: Simply viewing This Website content constitutes “signing up” and creates an “account”.
  • If you misbehave, we may terminate our agreement with you. This might result in your access to some or all of our services being disabled. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
  • We may also decide to stop providing services to you. While we don’t plan to discontinue any service, we reserve the right to.  BTW: To be candid, 99% of the effort to provide this service is NOT under our control and any “discontinuance” may have nothing to do with us (like the computer hosting the website, wires connecting it to the internet, the internet connections, your computer and its unique setup, etc.).
  • You can terminate your agreement with us at any time by closing your account for the services you use. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but you can come back anytime!

About your responsibilities

  • Remember that when you use our services, you remain responsible for your conduct and actions, and for any content you’ve submitted to us.
  • Generally, our services are only for you personally to use. If you want to redistribute a service, copy it, sell it or such like you’ll have to get our express permission first.
  • It’s your responsibility to look after your account security and passwords. Activities that happen on your account are your responsibility.

About your content

  • This Website does not assert any ownership rights in your content. What belongs to you, stays yours.
  • We do require that you give us a license to the content you post so that we can host it and, if you ask us to, make it available to others.
  • Content on our services may not be ours. We may not monitor what we host or link to, although in some limited cases we might. Don’t be surprised if you see something you don’t like. You can always tell us about it or stop looking.

About This Website’s services

  • We are constantly changing and improving our services. If you’re scared of change, this isn’t the place for you.
  • We hope that you will enjoy using our services, but we don’t make any specific promises about them being able to work wonders for you, or about their reliability or availability.
  • Some services contain secret sauce. The secret sauce is supposed to stay secret. Please don’t disclose our confidential information.
  • This Website isn’t responsible for things that might happen to you as a consequence of your use of our services. Unfortunately, everything in life has some risk. We think the benefits are worth it.
  • You are cordially invited to jump on board and enjoy the ride – we do ask that you carry your share of the load.