Out of Phase

Thursday, June 28, 2012,

Dear Linwood Friends,

I have no idea why I even took note of this….but…

I was making my little jaunt from my home in North Ridgeville to Linwood.  West on Route 2, exit at Vermilion Road and turn north.  I passed a series of telephone/electric poles on my right when…there it stood!  It was a telephone/electric pole much like the others, but posted on the pole near the top was a red sign that read, “Out of Phase.”

I immediately began to feel sympathy for that poor pole!  All these poles, and, for some reason this one is “Out of Phase.”  Not only is it “Out of Phase,” but it has to be humiliated by having a red sign on it telling the whole world that it is “Out of Phase”!  “Will this poor pole ever get ‘in phase’ with the others?” I wondered.  Or, maybe this pole likes being “Out of Phase” with all the others.

This Sunday we are observing 4th of July Weekend and I am preaching on “One Nation Under God.”  My pole buddy got me thinking.  I suspect that there have been many years of this nation’s history when anyone who questioned the existence of God, or said that they didn’t go to church, or doubted Christianity, would have been considered “Out of Phase.”  Of course we are a nation “under God.”  Of Christianity is our common bond spiritually.

Remember Madeline Murray O’Hare?  She was the Chicago atheist activist in the 60’s and 70’s who attracted enormous press coverage.  She was certainly considered “Out of Phase.”  How much press coverage would someone attract today who declared that they didn’t believe in God?  Unless they were some national figure, I suspect the answer is “none.”  In fact, I wonder if we are coming to the day when Christians are the ones who are “Out of Phase”?

“Out of Phase Christians.”  Come to think of it, that may not be too bad!  Doesn’t the Apostle Paul say something about not being conformed to this world, but transformed by the Spirit?  Doesn’t Christianity seem to be more vibrant, more vital when it is not the “accepted” way of life?  Doesn’t God often seem to work through a “remnant,” a small group of faithful who are willing to stand with Him and His ways regardless of the cost?

Indeed there are great blessings and joys when a family, a community, or a nation is united under God and under the Lordship of Christ.  Yet, the important thing is that we are totally committed to stand with the Lord, whether that puts us “In Phase” or “Out of Phase.”

Blessings on you.

Yours in Christ,
Hu Auburn, Linwood Park Pastor

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