Bible Study

           Linwood Mid-week Bible Study – 2017 Season

           Wednesdays, beginning June 7

            9:30-10:30 a.m. – The Chapel


Eugene Peterson in The Message, introduces John’s letters in this way:

“The two most difficult things to get straight in life are love and God. More often than not, the mess people make of their lives can be traced to failure or stupidity or meanness in one or both of these areas.  The basic and biblical Christian conviction is that the two subjects are intricately related.  If we want to deal with God the right way, we have to learn to love the right way.  If we want to love the right way, we have to deal with God the right way.  God and love cannot be separated.

John’s three letters provide wonderfully explicit direction in how this works.”

June 7 – Introduction and The Word of Life

June 14 – God is Light

June 21  – Christ our Advocate

June 28 – A New Commandment

July 5 – Warning!

July 12 – Children of God

July 19 – Love One Another

July 26 – Testing the Spirits

August 2 – God is Love

August 9 – Faith Conquers the World

August 16 – Testimony Concerning the Son of God

August 23 – Epilogue