Three “?s”

February 6, 2015

Dear Linwood Family and Friends,

The 2015 Linwood season is one week closer!  That’s progress.  And, the theme for this coming season is…..”Faith, Family. and Friendship”  (note the emphasis on “Family”).  Don’t worry about forgetting the theme.  You will be hearing it over and over again.  And don’t worry about whether or not the theme will relate to you.  It will!

What do you most anticipate this coming season?  The beauty of Linwood; the warmth of summer; sunsets over Lake Erie; reunions with friends; visits from family members, the return of the Linwood Tabernacle Choir?  There are so many things that make Linwood such a special place.

One of my goals as Park Pastor (I really like my title) is to stimulate your mind and your hearts with matters of faith.  It is not too early to start.

This past fall a friend contacted me because he was a part of a group making a U-Tube video created for seekers or non-believers.  It was dealing with three questions that seekers or skeptics often ask.  He wanted my responses to put in the mix.  I found it to be a stimulating exercise.  Here are the three questions:

What happens when I die?

How can a loving God condemn anyone to hell?

Why am I here?

In the next three issues of “Hu’s Views” I will share with you how I answered each of those questions.  Meanwhile I would suggest/encourage/challenge each of you to consider how you might answer each of these.  You may also find it to be a stimulating exercise.  Then, if any of you are willing, I would like to compile all of our answers and publish them together for our “family and friends.”  What do you think?

Blessings in Christ,

Hu Auburn, Linwood Park Pastor

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